After Separation

parenting after separation

Parenting After Separation

This Fegans course, designed for parents who are in the process of separating or are already separated, is designed to help parents know how to support their children through this very difficult process.

Fegans is a charity that provides qualified counselling for children. Our knowledge and experience in this field enables us to help parents minimise the long-term impact of separation on their children, even if one of the parents is not wanting to co-operate.

Our content aims to help parents put their children’s needs first even at this most difficult and emotional time. It is evidence-based and tailor-made to support the whole family.

Materials include animated videos, as well as useful downloadable tools and footage of Fegans parent support workers demonstrating some of the parenting techniques.

This course will help parents to:

– learn how to build a positive relationship with their child
– understand the causes of difficult child behaviour
– learn behaviour management
– look after themselves

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